Renting Millbrook Lodge

The lower level of our Lodge facility is available for rent. The space includes a large, 75 person capacity room, a large kitchen, and bathrooms. Our upstairs meeting room is available for groups affiliated with Freemasonry. Pictures of the rental space are available here. The rental rate is $200 per day with a $200 deposit. NO ALCOHOL is permitted on the lodge grounds at any time, whatsoever. Most commonly, our facility is rented for events such as anniversary celebrations, family reunions, wedding showers, baby showers, etc. Loud music, DJs, and raucous events such as dances, sweet 16s, etc. are not allowed out of respect for our neighbors, and due to the poor condition in which our facility was left following previous such parties. Please note that we only rent our facility for one-time events to people who are members, or are vouched for by members. Exceptions can be made for tame events (like baby showers) that occur during daylight hours. 

We are currently seeking people to rent our facility on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). In the past we have rented it to classes, health screening clinics, dinner clubs, and even churches for Sunday services. If you are a leader of such a group, please contact us.

If you would like more information, a tour, or to rent the facility, please email the Lodge Secretary, George, or call him by cell phone at 919-231-6183. Do not send text messages.

Once you have confirmed the availability with George and you are ready to rent the lodge please print two copies of the rental agreement (Rental Agreement 2013) and send them, along with a rental check for the amount agreed upon, to Millbrook Masonic Lodge #97, PO Box 40756, Raleigh, NC 27629. Once the rental agreement is received, Colby will sign one copy and send it back to you for your records, and the Lodge will be officially saved for your event. Signing that rental agreement signifies your understanding that you and all of your guests must abide by all of the rules and anything written on the agreement. The deposit can be sent along with the rent, or it may be given at the time the key is dispersed to you.

Thank you for considering us as a location for your event.