Focus on Member Philanthropies: Wrap a Vet

We’re starting a new feature here on the Millbrook Lodge website. In this feature we will focus on a philanthropy or charity held near-and-dear to one of our Millbrook Lodge #97 brother’s hearts. This post focuses on Wrap A Vet.

Wrap a Vet is an organization that donates blankets to veterans with the brand of their respective branch of the military on the blanket.

Example Wrap-A-Vet Blanket Designs

Here is a description from the website:

Wrap-A-Vet is a veteran owned and operated Non-Profit dedicated to recognizing Veterans who served. Wrap-A-Vet was founded by a soldier who is currently serving in the Armed Forces. The concept came while he was serving on Active Duty as a Reservist at Ft Bragg. During an assignment to visit the NC VA Nursing Home, he met several Veterans who participated in events he had only read about in history classes. He learned that the holidays were the hardest times for the home. Looking for a way to say thank you with a gift that would leave a lasting impression Wrap-A-Vet was eventually formed. Now, each year, these Veterans are remembered with a Branch specific Blanket to keep them warm. The blankets are a small token of appreciation meant to remind these Veterans who served, that we are all thankful for their sacrifice, and their service to our country. While also inspiring a little E’Spirit De Corps at the home. Eventually Wrap-A-Vet will start reaching out to any Veteran, in any Nursing Home or Assisted Living Environment to ensure that every Veteran knows how proud their Nation is of their service.

The veteran mentioned in that description is Millbrook Lodge #97 member David Vaughn. It is a noble effort put forth by Brother Vaughn, and it needs the appropriate support. Please take the time to stop by and donate towards their current blanket drive for the holidays. In doing so you will ensure our country’s veterans get the gift of love and warmth this coming Holiday season with their new military blanket. Blankets are only $14 a piece. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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